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Car insurance rates by states|

Car insurance seems to increase every year in the United States. Since 2011, rates have risen 23 percent, and the average insurance premiums have increased every year since 2013. In that time, rates in 15 states have increased by 40 percent or more, while in some, rates have gone up an amazing 80 percent in that time period. Today, the average annual car insurance premium is $1,470.

Car insurance rates increased in 41 states last year, with Colorado experiencing the largest increase at 19 percent. The single largest determining factor of what you pay for car insurance is where you live. Of course, other factors will determine what your final rate may be, but ultimately, your location will be the biggest factor in what you pay.

This is because a number of factors. In some states, insurance companies have the right to consider a person’s credit score when setting a premium, while in others, they cannot. Insurance companies will also take a look at their profit-losses in each state to determine what premiums will be. Finally, some states have requirements in place for what type of coverage motorists must have, which can drive the cost of the insurance up.

Here is a list of cheap states for car insurance, expensive states for car insurance and a breakdown of car insurance rates by state.

Cheap States for Car Insurance

$896 per year

A state of natural beauty, where people come to camp, live, and enjoy the scenery, Maine brings people together for many other reasons as well. The operation of a vehicle in Maine requires that the driver has car insurance. The law requires that people provide proof of insurance to register their vehicle, if they are pulled over, or if they are involved in an accident. Take some time to figure out what amount of coverage you will need to protect your assets. Automobile insurance requirements for Maine include liability insurance coverage and medical payments coverage. Also, Maine requires uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage in its laws.

$918 per year

Virginia ranks so highly for a number of reasons, but one of the main ones is the state requires drivers to carry uninsured motorist coverage. In addition, Virginia has an extremely competitive insurance market, with more than 400 insurance carriers offering coverage in the commonwealth.

North Carolina
$947 per year

North Carolina is another mostly rural state, with a large chunk of the state covered by mountains. More rural areas mean fewer residents and less density, which leads to less expensive car insurance rates. Competition is high in the Tar Heel state as well, and there are more than 2,000 auto insurance discounts offered among all insurance companies.

$988 per year

According to Ripley's Believe It Or Not, the most crooked street in the world is located in Iowa. Fortunately for you, not all roads in the state are as crooked, and driving in the state is pretty easy to do. Only one town in the state is located on an island, and that is Sabula. Even so, there are many places to travel and visit, and the people of the state are fantastic. Iowa is the home of more golf courses per capita than any other state. It is also the place where sliced bread was invented. Next time you hear somebody talking about something being the best thing since sliced bread, you can let them know sliced bread was invented in Davenport.

$1018 per year

Idaho can be a fantastic place to raise a family and enjoy life. Known as a relaxing state, it has some great roads for driving and incredible people living across it. In the state, car insurance is mandatory for all drivers. Knowing the minimum requirements for insurance in the state is essential, but also keep in mind that liability insurance coverage only provides payments towards costs of injury to people in the other car and damage to property of other people. The minimum requirements for insurance in Idaho might not be enough to service your needs if an automobile accident occurs. Due to this, you may decide to get additional automobile insurance coverage to further protect yourself in certain situations and in certain amounts.

Expensive States for Car Insurance

$2693 per year

Michigan is the most expensive state for car insurance, and it has its insurance system to blame mostly. All drivers are forced to have Personal Injury Protection coverage, since it is a no-fault state. The PIP coverage is also unlimited and for someone’s lifetime, making the state’s premiums very high.

$2339 per year

Many people head to Louisiana for the Mardi Gras, to visit family, and to meet up with friends. For people who are living in the state; however, awareness about the requirements for driving legally is imperative. There are minimum requirements mandated by law for people who want to operate in the state. Insurance is necessary not only to drive in the state but also to register your vehicle there. The minimum limits for insurance are designed to help pay for costs you are responsible for if harm or damage comes to other people, their cars, or their property, in an accident you are deemed to be at fault for.

Rhode Island
$2110 per year

As the smallest state in the country, many people do not think that driving is essential. Getting around in the state, and to other states, is vital for people living in Rhode Island, however. The total distance traveling from one side of the state to another is 48 miles from the North to the South and 37 miles from the east to the west. Rhode Island was the last of the original colonies to become a state.

$2059 per year

Florida has the highest rate of drivers who are uninsured in the nation, which is one of the main factors that make its average insurance premiums so high. In fact, estimates are that more than one-quarter of all drivers in the state are uninsured. In addition, Florida has a lot of high-risk drivers, since there are a lot of older drivers and student drivers attending the state’s numerous colleges.

$1915 per year

Nevada is known for the bright and shiny lights in Las Vegas, as well as the incredible and picturesque mountainscapes. People love to ski there, walk the trails, and enjoy the many shows in Las Vegas. With so many things attracting people to it, it is no surprise that many people decide to move to the state. Whether you are looking for a cheaper auto insurance plan and you live in the state already, or are coming to live here for the first time, having a solid knowledge about the ins and outs of automobile insurance is critical.

Car Insurance Rates by State

State 2019 Average Annual Rate
Maine $ 896
Virginia $ 918
North Carolina $ 947
Iowa $ 988
Idaho $ 1018
Ohio $ 1032
Wisconsin $ 1070
Vermont $ 1075
Hawaii $ 1081
New Hampshire $ 1105
Indiana $ 1150
Alaska  $ 1198
Washington $ 1205
State 2019 Average Annual Rate
Utah $ 1209
Illinois $ 1222
Massachusetts $ 1277
Nebraska $ 1284
Minnesota $ 1288
Arizona $ 1295
North Dakota $ 1325
Maryland $ 1327
South Dakota $ 1342
New Mexico $ 1352
South Carolina $ 1369
Wyoming $ 1375
Alabama $ 1387
State 2019 Average Annual Rate
Montana $ 1387
Pennsylvania $ 1390
Oregon $ 1393
Missouri $ 1410
West Virginia $ 1420
Tennessee $ 1427
Kansas $ 1476
Arkansas $ 1496
Mississippi $ 1537
Georgia $ 1546
Connecticut $ 1550
Oklahoma $ 1560
New Jersey $ 1671
State 2019 Average Annual Rate
Colorado $ 1682
New York $ 1688
California $ 1815
Texas $ 1827
Delaware $ 1828
Kentucky $ 1898
Nevada $ 1915
Florida $ 2059
Rhode Island $ 2110
Louisiana $ 2339
Michigan $ 2693

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